Affirming the strength of the Egyptian economy: "Roc Citizenship" opens its fifth branch in Egypt after the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Nigeria

Wednesday 15 May 2024

"Moataz El Zayat": The company aims to facilitate procedures for opening new markets for investors and businesspeople.

Roc Citizenship


"Lisa Thomson": We work according to the global trend to enhance economic openness and facilitate the process of obtaining second citizenship in more than 100 countries.

Cairo - May 12

In a new step that confirms the strength of the Egyptian economy and its ability to launch towards the future, Roc Citizenship group has opened a new branch in Egypt, making it their fifth branch after the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Canada.

The company aims to facilitate the procedures for opening new markets for investors, businesspeople, and individuals wishing to expand their investments and businesses beyond their country's borders, enabling them to move and reside easily in more than 150 countries around the world directly without the need for an entry visa.

ROC Citizenship launched its new branch in Cairo yesterday evening in the presence of a number of businessmen, ambassadors, and media personnel, and announced the benefits and services it offers to its clients through its five branches and representatives spread across more than 21 countries.

Moataz El Zayat, partner and CEO of ROC Citizenship company, showcased the advantages that the company offers to its clients, explaining that it is one of the modern companies in the citizenship and residency industry through investment, established in 2018 in Dubai, and then launched its branches in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Nigeria, and now celebrates the opening of its branch in Egypt.

El Zayat continued, stating that the company has managed in a short period to grant a large number of investors other nationalities.

Regarding the services of Roc Citizenship, El Zayat added that the company's services include direct citizenship services through investment and European residency, in addition to investment through selling and managing real estate, with marketing of Egyptian citizenship to investors interested in obtaining it.

The CEO of the company highlighted that the first step the company will take is to expand in the Egyptian market and market the Egyptian citizenship program, with the opening of another branch in Alexandria in addition to the Cairo branch, indicating that the company works to provide all services to its clients.

Lisa Thomson, the managing partner of the company, pointed out that the work of the group aligns with the global trend to enhance economic openness and facilitate procedures for investors and businessmen, which many countries around the world have recently sought. She highlighted that the company is able to directly facilitate the procedures for movement and investment around the world through investment advantages enjoyed by holders of the second citizenship provided by the company in over 100 countries, indicating that the company aims to attract hundreds of investors to Egypt by mid-2025.

On his part, Mahmoud Jameel, head of the company's branch in Jeddah, said that Egypt is an attractive country for investment due to its geographical location, which made them choose it as one of the countries to establish a main branch in, besides being one of the countries that offers second citizenship to non-citizens with good facilities.

Jameel added that Egypt allows those who wish to obtain its citizenship through a non-refundable contribution of $250,000, or by purchasing a property amounting to $300,000, or by making a deposit of $500,000, which is returned after three years in Egyptian pounds, or by establishing investment projects worth $350,000, in addition to an additional $100,000 non-refundable. With Egyptian citizenship, the holder is able to make numerous investments in Egypt in the fields of agriculture, industry, services, and tourism.

Jameel continued, stating that the company directly enables obtaining second citizenship for about 150 countries without any hassle for those wishing to acquire it. With this citizenship, businessmen, investors, and individuals are able to establish their investments in these countries and move across the world.

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