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Sunday 19 May 2024


Program name: Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Visiting Students Program

Date: August 19th August - 31st August, 2024 (2 Weeks)
Registration Deadline: June 10st, 2024
Program Objectives:

Engage in a holistic exploration of Canada's business environment, exceptional academic setting, thriving
corporate landscape, and vibrant culture. Over the course of this enriching journey, over the period of two weeks
at Sheridan we aim to provide participating learners with three key components:
1- Program Component:
Business Creativity and Innovation
* Identify personal creativity barriers and leverage creative strengths for business impact.
* Apply key creative attitudes and methodologies to drive innovative problem-solving and organizational success.
Leadership Development
* Cultivate an authentic leadership style aligned with personal strengths and values for effective leadership.
* Utilize diverse leadership models and skills, including coaching, creativity, communication, and team
building, tailored to different business contexts.
Professional Development, and Networking Component: Cultural Component:
* corporate Visits Optional Off-campus field trips
* Professional Associations class visits: Supply Chain Canada & cultural activities (Niagara Falls)
* Professional workshops (Technology Impact on Global Logistics and Supply Chain management &
Creative problem Solving,).

Program Fees: USD$ Per Participant – Not including accommodation, food or travel expenses.
Accommodation (Sheridan Special Rate with Delta Hotel – Walking distance from Campus Downtown
Accommodation will be paid directly by the student at arrival.
CAD$ 199 = USD$ 146 [= USD 73 per person per night for a room of 2 people]

For registration:
Join Teams Meeting
Saturday 18TH May @8pm

For more inquiries visit Sheridan office - ACU Main Building - 1st Floor

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