Egypt to observe Eid Al-Adha on 16 June

Ahram Online , Thursday 6 Jun 2024

Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta officially announced that Egypt will celebrate the four-day Islamic feast, Eid Al-Adha, starting Wednesday 16 June after confirming the sighting of the moon for the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijja.

 Eid Al-Adha
File photo: File photo: Egyptians celebrate Eid Al-Adha (Al-Ahram)


According to the announcement, the Muslim sacred month of Dhul-Hijjah -- the last month of the Islamic calendar and the time of the Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) --will start on Friday.

In a statement, Dar Al-Ifta, Egypt's highest authority for issuing religious edicts, affirmed the sight of the crescent of Dhul-Hijjah through scientific committees nationwide.

The statement added that the Saudi Supreme Court also announced Friday as the first day of the sacred month.

According to astronomical calculations, Muslims in Egypt will attend the Eid Al-Adha prayers for this Islamic year, 1445, at around 6:16 a.m. Cairo Local Time (CLT). 

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