Egypt road quality advanced 100 places in global ranking over 10 years: Cabinet

Ahram Online , Sunday 9 Jun 2024

The Egyptian Cabinet’s Media Centre announced on Saturday that Egypt advanced by 100 places in the global Road Quality Index over the past 10 years to 18th place, thanks to the interconnected National Roads Project.

Middle Ring Road around Greater Cairo
File Photo: Middle Ring Road around Greater Cairo. Photo courtesy of Egyptian Presidential Website.


The index value reached 5.53 points in 2024, compared to 5.46 points in 2021 (18th), 4.52 points in 2019 (41st), 3 points in 2017 (105th), and 2.9 points in 2015 (118th).

The report explained that the total length of roads built under the National Roads Project reached 6,300 km out of a targeted 7,000 km for EGP 155 billion EGP.

This will increase the length of main roads by 29.8 percent to 30,500 km by the end of 2024, compared to 23,500 km in 2014.

Additionally, 8,400 km of main roads have been improved for EGP 110 billion out of a targeted 10,000 km.

The report also noted that the road construction and development projects led to a 28.6 percent decrease in the number of deaths from car accidents, recording 5,861 deaths in 2023, compared to 8,211 deaths in 2016.

The number of injuries decreased by 17.9 percent, reaching 71,000 in 2023, compared to 86,500 in 2016, despite the increase in population and the number of vehicles. The chosen year is based on the oldest available data after a change in methodology.

The report also listed the top 50 countries according to the Global Road Quality Index in 2024, including Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, UAE, South Korea, Portugal, Luxembourg, Qatar, France, Austria, China, Denmark, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Spain, Egypt, Bahrain, USA, Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Canada, Chile, Azerbaijan, Benin, Israel, Georgia, Jordan, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Rwanda, Mauritius, Estonia, Uruguay, Lithuania, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Poland, Albania, Morocco, Cyprus, and Greece.

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