Egypt, Switzerland celebrate 9-decade friendship at Giza Plateau

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 9 Jun 2024

Egypt and Switzerland celebrated the 90th anniversary of the friendship between the two countries in front of the Giza Plateau.



The occasion was marked by revealing a giant fresco of 900 square metres created by the Swiss-based artist Saype that symbolizes the friendship between both peoples. 

The Switzerland embassy in Egypt has organized the event under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian Tourism Authority.

Switzerland Ambassador in Cairo Yvonne Baumann, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority Amr El-Kady, and representatives of the Egyptian government and the diplomatic community attended the celebration.

Diverse members of the Egyptian cultural scene and representatives of Swiss businesses in Egypt also participated in the event.

The event was powered by the Swiss company Nestlé in partnership with Orascom Pyramids Entertainment.

“The exchanges and encounters between Swiss and Egyptians date back centuries ago, with thriving communities having marked both countries,” said Baumann.

She asserted that this friendship is rock-solid, or as Article 1 of the treaty reads: “There shall be between Switzerland and Egypt, as well as between their nationals, perpetual peace and an unbreakable friendship.”

“There is no better way to establish connections between people around the world than art,” said El-Kady.

He described the event by the Great Pyramids of Giza to celebrate art in its finest shape, where ancient and contemporary arts come together as an expression of a continuous artistic journey of humanity through thousands of years.

El-Kady added that it is also a manifestation of cooperation between Egypt and Switzerland on all fronts, especially tourism.

Swiss tourists are always welcomed in Egypt to enjoy the marvels of ancient Egyptian civilization and the stunning beautiful resorts or delve into the rich cultural heritage of Cairo.

“I would like to thank her excellency the ambassador of Switzerland to Cairo and her team members as well as my colleagues at the Egyptian Tourism Authority who have been working together to make this amazing project possible,” El-Kady said.

Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Egypt and Sudan Tarek Kamel affirmed the strong partnership between Egypt and Switzerland, which enhances economic, trade, and cultural cooperation between them.

Furthermore, he highlighted Nestlé’s vital role in this shared journey. 

Saype’s fresco at Giza Plateau

The world-renowned artist Saype paints large images on different soils using 100 percent biodegradable materials made of natural pigments like chalk and coal.

The fresco of two holding hands was first painted in 2019 in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, conveying a message of friendship and togetherness.
Since 2019, the fresco has been created in many places around the world.

In the 20th step of his worldwide project, it has finally arrived at the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Giza Pyramids.

He chose this emblematic site not just for its beauty, but because it also embodies eternity and symbolizes the continuity and interconnection of humanity through time.

Nine-decade friendship

Since the arrival of the first Egyptians at the foot of the Alps and the first Swiss at the Pyramids hundreds of years ago, the relations between the two peoples grew and diversified over time.

In June 1934, Switzerland and Egypt concluded a Treaty of Friendship, stating the intention of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In March 1935, Switzerland opened its first official representation in Cairo, with Minister Henri Martin presenting his credentials to King Fouad I.

This representation was upgraded to an embassy in 1957.

Today, the friendship between the Egyptian and Swiss peoples extends to a lively and rich exchange of culture, arts, and science.

Egypt also ranks among the favorite travel destinations of Swiss tourists, further enhancing the people-to-people ties between both countries.

Additionally, Swiss investments rank among the top 10 in Egypt.

Switzerland also has a broad cooperation programme with Egypt for 45 years, based on mutual trust and respect.

The partnership entails projects for green growth, water and waste management, and supporting small and medium enterprises and women entrepreneurs.


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