Ahram Online, Tuesday 2 Oct 2012

Directed by: Rachid Djaidani

Synopsis: In present-day Paris, Sabrina (Sabrina Hamida), a young North African woman, falls in love with Dorcy (Stéphane Soo Mongo), a black Christian trying to make ends meet as an actor. They plan to get married, but when rumour gets out about their engagement, Slimane (Slimane Dazi), the eldest of Sabrina’s brothers, is disgusted that his Arab Muslim sister would consider such a union.

He is determined that Sabrina should stay faithful to familial and community traditions, and traipses the city in search of her. From this starting point, the first full-length feature from French novelist and actor Rachid Djaïdani develops into a provocative, freewheeling analysis of attitudes to race and religion in modern-day France that’s pertinent and relevant beyond the country. Presented in an appealingly raw style that nods to John Cassavetes, Hold Back is fearless, inventive filmmaking featuring frequent moments that surprise and disarm. 

Duration: 78 min 

Country: France 


Thursday 4 October, 3:30pm at Galaxy Cinema, 67 Abd El Aziz Al Saud St., El Manial

Sunday 7 October, 3:30pm at City Stars Cinema, Omar Ibn El-Khattab Street, Nasr City

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