Morsi approval rating at 78 pct after 100 days: Basseera

Wednesday 10 Oct 2012

Egyptians remain satisfied with President Morsi after 100 days in office despite being dissatisfied with some parts of his 100-day programme

Approval of President Morsi
(Data: Baseera Opinion Tracker)

President Mohamed Morsi has maintained his high approval rating in the latest national opinion poll conducted by Baseera, the Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research.

After 100 days in office 78 per cent of respondents said they approved of his performance so far, compared to 79 per cent after 80 days and 77 per cent after 60 days.

Performance on 5 key issues
(Data: Baseera Opinion Tracker)

Of the five main targets in the president's 100-programme, 73% said security had improved, 56 per cent said traffic had improved, 48 per cent said the garbage situation had improved and 42 per cent said the bread situation had improved. The lowest approval rating was for fuel with only 33 per cent saying the situation had improved compared to 34 who said it was unchanged and 27 per cent who said it had worsened.

Opinion Poll
(Data: Baseera)

Forty per cent of respondents said the 100-day programme had failed, while 41 per cent said it had been a success, and 20 per cent were undecided.  The lowest approvers of the programme were the youth (30 per cent), the university educated (33 per cent) and the higher socio-economic class (34 per cent).

Voting prospects
(Data: Baseera Opinion Tracker)

Fifty-eight per cent of respondents said they would vote for President Morsi if there was a fresh election. This compares with 65 per cent after 80 days, and 60 per cent after 60 days.

Opinion on Foreign Policy
(Data: Baseera Opinion Tracker)

The discrepancy between the president's overall approval rating (78 per cent) and the view of his 100-day programme could be explained by his performance on the international level. Seventy-seven per cent of responders said they approved of his foreign policy performance.

This first set of results was collected on a broad socio-economic sample of 1783 individuals above 18 on 31 August 2012, with 90% response rate. The margin of error is +/- three per cent. Socio-economic standard determined by ownership of household goods.

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