On Egypt uprising's 2nd anniversary, revolutionary aspirations remain elusive

Ahram Online, Thursday 24 Jan 2013

Ahram Online examines core revolutionary demands – for bread, freedom, social justice & human dignity – and asks if any have been realised in the two years since the fall of Egypt's Mubarak regime

25 January revolution
Egyptians pass under a banner honouring people who were killed during the January 25 protests, at Tahrir Square, Egypt, Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011, a day after Mubarak fell (Photo: AP)

Egypt's revolution: Many Egyptians still cry for bread


Two years since the January 25 Revolution saw the end of Egypt's Mubarak regime, food security - a basic right - remains a dream for many Egyptians

Karim Hafez

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Egypt's revolution: Calls for freedom have yet to be realised


When Mubarak was ousted almost two years ago, revolutionaries believed they had won their freedom. Critics of Egypt's new constitution, however, say this isn't necessarily the case

Yasmine Fathy

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Egypt's revolution: Social justice has yet to be achieved

social justice

Until post-Mubarak Egypt resolves fundamental economic dilemmas, the realisation of 'social justice' - a chief demand of the Tahrir Square uprising - will remain a pipe dream

Ahmed Feteha

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Egypt's revolution: Quest for human dignity remains ongoing


Longstanding revolutionary demands for 'human dignity' remain unfulfilled amid continued reports of police abuse and a sorely deficient public healthcare system

Sherif Tarek

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