Egypt's 'revolutionary cleric' suspended over sermon: AP

AP, Tuesday 9 Apr 2013

Mazhar Shahin, dubbed Egypt's 'revolutionary cleric,' claims he was suspended from work for criticising President Mohamed Morsi, AP reports

Mazhar Shaheen in Tahrir Square preaching, May 2011 (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

A Muslim preacher who led prayers for Tahrir Square protesters during Egypt's 2011 revolution and its aftermath says he has been suspended from work following accusations that he criticised Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Sheik Mazhar Shahin told the Associated Press that he was informed on Tuesday of his suspension via ministerial decree and the investigation into his alleged comments.

An aide to the minister of religious endowments, who reportedly issued the order, was unavailable for comment.

Egypt's religious endowments ministry is responsible for overseeing the country's mosque preachers.

Speaking to AP, Shahin read the complaint against him, which accused him of acting "like a TV station or opposition paper" and aggravating divisions by criticising the president and the Muslim Brotherhood from which the latter hails.

In a recent sermon, Shahin warned against the Brotherhood's alleged domination of state institutions.

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