Egypt opinion polls reveal dissatisfaction with Morsi

Ahram Online , Tuesday 2 Jul 2013

Thirteen percent of Egyptians say living conditions have improved under Morsi, 22% say they haven’t changed, while 63% say they have worsened

Egypt opinion
(Photo: Reuters)

An opinion poll has revealed that 73% of Egyptians believe President Morsi did not make a single good decision during his first year in office, while 63% believe their standard of living has worsened.

The telephone poll, conducted by Baseera for Al-Hayat TV network, asked 2069 Egyptians aged between 20 and 23 for their views on the president.

According to the poll 15% believe Morsi did not take a single bad decision, while 6% believe all his decisions were wrong.

Seventeen percent believe his worst decision was over the Nile dam crisis, while 8% believe it was the November 2012 constitutional declaration.

Six percent believe Morsi’s decision to force ex-minister of defense Tantawy and ex-Chief of Staff Sami Anan into retirement was his best decision.

Cutting relations with Syria and the recent appointment of new governors were Morsi's worst decisions according to 5% of respondents.

Thirteen percent believe their standard of living has improved over the last year, 22% say it is unchanged, while 63% believe it has worsened.

Eight percent believe Morsi's performance was better than expected, 64% believe it was worse and 15% believe it was as expected.

The Arab American institute last week published the results of an opinion poll titled “After Tahrir: Egyptians asses their government, their institutions and their future.”

More than 70% believe the economic and security situations have worsened, according to the poll.

“Among those who support the Muslim Brotherhood, 98% say their lives have improved. Among the rest of the population over 80% say their lives have worsened, that’s a deep division,” the pollster said.

“Ninety-two percent of Muslim Brotherhood supporters reject the contention that the Brotherhood intends to control the state and Islamise it. On the other hand, 93% of the rest of the country said that is precisely what the Brotherhood is doing,” it added.

The Arab-American Institute surveyed 5,029 Egyptian adults from across the country.

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