42 Brotherhood leaders in Egypt arrested

Ahram Online, Sunday 18 Aug 2013

Some 42 Muslim Brotherhood leaders are arrested by security forces after home raids in Alexandria and Gharbiya Sunday morning

Some 42 Muslim Brotherhood leaders were arrested Sunday morning, according to Brotherhood sources.

From those, 34 were arrested in Alexandria and eight from the governorate of Gharbiya.

According to the Muslim Brotherhood office in Alexandria, state security forces along with special forces stormed the homes of 34 members of the Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

Anes El-Kady, the Brotherhood’s Alexandria spokesperson, said that Medhat El-Haddad, the head of the group’s Alexandria office, was among those arrested.

Security forces also stormed the homes of Mohamed Nameer, head of the FJP Alexandria office, Atef Abu El-Eid, secretary general of the FJP in the city, and Taher Abdel Mohsen, a Shura Council MP and leading FJP member.

El-Kady condemned the raids saying they signal a return to the old regime where security forces would make “dawn visits” to arrest opposition members.

“These arrests will not terrorise us,” El-Kady said. “We will continue protesting peacefully,” he added.

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