Who's Who: Members of Egypt's 50-member constitution committee

Ahram Online , Sunday 1 Sep 2013

Presidential spokesman Badawi announces names of 50-member committee to amend suspended 2012 constitution; Ahram Online looks at background for nominees

Adly Mansour
Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour talking to nation on 22 July, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)
Presidential spokesman Ihab Badawi announced on Sunday afternoon the names of the 50 member-committee tasked with amending the suspended 2012 constitution.
Below is the 50 members of the committee commissoned with draft the amended version of the 2012 constitution:


  1. Diaa Rashwan (journalists): Head of Egypt's Syndicate of Journalists and Head of Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.
  2. Mona Zul-Fekar (human rights): A lawyer and Deputy Head of the National Council for Human Rights.
  3. Mohamed Magd El-Deen (armed forces): Vice president of the military judiciary.
  4. El-Sayed Badawi (liberal parties): A prominent businessman and Head of the liberal Wafd Party.
  5. Mohamed Abul-Ghar (liberal parties): Head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and co-founder of the National Salvation Front.
  6. Gaber Nassar (public figures): Law professor and Head of Cairo University.
  7. Mohamed Salmawy (writers): Head of Egypt's Writers Union.
  8. Bassam El-Zarqa (Islamist currents): Deputy Head of the Salafist Nour Party.
  9. Amr Moussa (public figures): Head of the liberal Conference Party and co-founder of the National Salvation Front.
  10. Sameh Ashour (lawyers): Head of the Lawyers' Syndicate, Head of the Nasserist Party, and co-founder of the National Salvation Front.
  11. Shawky Allam (Al-Azhar): Egypt's Grand Mufti.
  12. Bishop Paula (Coptic Church): Bishop of the city of Tanta and Head of the Coptic Orthodox Council for Marital Affairs.
  13. Mervat El-Talawy (National Council for Women): Head of the National Council for Women.
  14. Mohamed Abdel-Aziz (youth movement): Founding member of Tamarod Campaign and member of the Nasserist Popular Current.
  15. Ahmed Eid (youth movement): Founding member of the 30 June Front.
  16. Mahmoud Badr (youth movement): Founding member of Tamarod Campaign.
  17. Amr Salah (youth movement): Founding member of the 30 June Front.
  18. Mohamed Abla (artists): A prominent painter.
  19. Sayed Hegab (High Council for Culture): A prominent poet.
  20. Khaled Youssef (artists): A prominent filmmaker and member of the Nasserist Popular Current.
  21. Gebali El-Maraghi (workers): Head of Egypt's Trade Unions Federation.
  22. Ahmed Khairy (workers): Head of the National Federation of Egypt's Workers.
  23. Mohamed Abdel-Kader (famers): Head of Farmers' Syndicate.
  24. Mamdouh Hamada (farmers): Head of Egypt's Farmers Co-operatives Union.
  25. Khairy Abdel-Dayem (doctors): Head of Doctors' Syndicate.
  26. Osama Shawky (engineers): Head of Cairo's branch of Engineers' Syndicate.
  27. Elhamy El-Zayat (tourism chambers): Head of Union of Tourism Chambers.
  28. Abla Mohie El-Din (industrial chambers): Consultant for the Ministry of the Industry.
  29. Ahmed El-Wakil (chambers of commerce): Head of Union of Commerce Chambers.
  30. Mostafa Badran (students): Head of Egypt's University Students Union.
  31. Talaat Abdel-Kawy (non-governmental organizations): Head of General Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations.
  32. Azza El-Ashmawy (National Council for Childhood and Motherhood): Director of the Anti-Trafficking Unit at the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood.
  33. Ahmed Mohamadein (Supreme Council for Universities): Head of Suez Canal University.
  34. Hossam El-Massah (special needs): National Council for Special Needs.
  35. Ali Mohamed Abdel-Moula (Ministry of Interior): Interior Minister'sAssistant for Legal Affairs.
  36. Kamal El-Helbawy (Islamist currents): A prominent Islamist thinker and writer and ex-leading Brotherhood figure.
  37. Hussein Abdel-Razek (leftist current): Deputy Head of the leftist Tagammu Party.
  38. Mohamed Sami (nationalist current): Head of the Nasserist Karama Party.
  39. Magdi Yacoub (public figure): A world renowned heart surgeon and founder of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation.
  40. Abdel-Gelil Mostafa (public figure): A leading member of the liberal Constitution Party and a Co-founder of the National Salvation Front.
  41. Amr El-Shobaky (public figure): A prominent political analyst and head of the Arab-European Unit at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic studies.
  42. Saad El-Din El-Helali (public figure): Comparative Jurisprudence professor at the Azhar University.
  43. Hoda El-Sada (public figure): Literature Professor at the Cairo University.
  44. Mohamed Ghoneim (public figure): Co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party; a renowned Urology professor.
  45. Hagag Adol (public figure – Nubian): A writer.
  46. Mossad Abou-Fagr (public figure – Sinai): Writer and activist.
  47. Mohamed Abdel-Salam (Al-Azhar): A judge and consultant of Al-Azhar Grand Imam.
  48. Abdullah Mabrouk El-Naggar (Al-Azhar): A professor at the Islamic Sharia and Law Faculty of Al-Azhar University.  
  49. Bishop Antonious Aziz Mina (Catholic Church): Bishop of the governorate of Giza.
  50. Safwat El-Bayyady (Evangelical Church): President of the protestant community in Egypt.
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