Egypt's referendums poll results 1956-2012

Ahram Online, Wednesday 15 Jan 2014

Egypt has seen numerous referendums since the overthrow of the monarchy in 1952. 

The following is a list of the most prominent polls since then, excluding those voting on presidential candidates, with the subject of each referendum beside its respective year.

1956  A new constitution drafted to replace the liberal-oriented 1923 national charter.

1958  Egypt and Syria united under the United Arab Republic.

1968  Postponing the permanent constitution.

1971  A new constitution passed under the rule of Anwar Sadat.

1974  Sadat's October Paper, a decree offering new political and economic strategies for Egypt after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

1977  An anti-riots law approved in February of that year, after bread riots erupted a month earlier to protest government attempts to lift subsidies on the Egyptian staple.

1978  ‘Protection of National Unity and Social Peace’ laws introduced by Sadat in May. 

1979  The Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.

1980  New constitutional amendments introducing Islamic law as a principal for legislation in the national charter, and opening the door for the extension of presidential terms.

1981  Several decrees by Sadat, including a fierce crackdown on his political opponents.

1987  The dissolution of parliament under Hosni Mubarak.

1990  Again, the dissolution of parliament.

 2005  Constitutional amendments to the 1971 national charter introducing Egypt’s first direct multi-candidate presidential election.

2007  More amendments to the 1971 constitution

2011 An interim constitutional declaration announced by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), which took power after Mubarak’s ouster during the 25 January revolution.

2012  Egypt’s first post-revolution constitution, drafted by an Islamist-dominated constituent assembly under the rule of now-deposed president Mohamed Morsi. Approved by almost 64 percent of the public vote, this charter was eventually dissolved following Morsi's ouster on 3 July of the following year. 


This info graph, created by Welad El Balad News*, shows the results of the prominent polls since then, excluding those voting on presidential candidates



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