Clashes at pro-Morsi rallies leave two dead

Ahram Online , Friday 25 Apr 2014

Two people were reportedly killed on Friday during an Islamist demonstration in the governorate of Fayoum

Smoke fills the area during clashes between supporters of Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Mursi and riot police in Cairo January 17, 2014 (Photo: Reuters)

Two people have been killed during clashes between Islamists and security forces south of Cairo, accordinug to eyewitnesses and Ahram Arabic news website. 

One woman, Reda Ramadan, was shot by a birdshot pellet in the stomach during a protest by Islamists in the governorate of Fayoum, eyewitnesses told Ahram Online while another person was reported killed according to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website. 

Several others have reportedly been injured in the clashes.

Clashes also erupted in several other parts of Egypt. 

At Helwan city, south of Cairo, clashes erupted between Morsi supporters and security forces.

Al-Ahram's Arabic news website reported that the protestors shot fireworks at police forces.  

However, security forces were able to contain the violence.

Meanwhile, protests took place in the Giza governorate in Boulaq El-Dakrour district and were marked by Morsi supporters holding his picture and banners which dispalyed the 'Rabaa' sign of a hand holding up four fingers.   

The protestors chanted slogans against police and military during the protest, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website.

Residents at Boulaq El-Dakrour clashed with pro-Morsi protestors in rejection of the demonstrations.

Security used tear gas to disperse the protestors, some of which used birdshots and fireworks to target security personnel.  

Eventually, security forces spread all throughout the Giza governorate to control any attempts of violence or rioting.

Tens of Morsi supporters also blocked the road between Cairo and Assiut at the Ayyat district; causing a blockade in many cities in Upper Egypt.

However, forces were able to disperse the protest and reopen the road. 

In the Moqattam district, clashes between locals and pro-Brotherhood demonstrators erupted soon after a demonstration began.

Supporters of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi have been protesting regularly against interim authorities since his ouster last July on the back of massive protests against his one-year rule.

Islamist supporters of Morsi have called for mass protests on Friday to mark the Sinai Liberation day, the 32rd anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from the border Sinai Peninsula which its forces invaded in 1956.

Friday has become a regular day for protest in Egypt as demonstrators usually converge at mosques after the weekly Muslim afternoon prayers to set off in marches.

An Islamist insurgency targeting police and army has meanwhile spiraled in the  Sinai Peninsula and extended its reach to other mainland cities. According to the government, militant attacks have claimed 500 lives, mostly among police and troops.

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