Shark allegedly responsible for Sharm El-Sheikh attacks captured

MENA, Thursday 2 Dec 2010

Sinai beaches are back in business as a shark believed responsible for a string of attacks on swimmers is caught, though not all concerned are happy.


Egyptian Minister of Environment Maged George declared that the ministry succeeded in hunting the shark responsible for maiming four swimmers in Sharm El-Sheikh.

George said a team of 12 marine and environmental specialists were able to hunt the shark using boats, fishing gear and ropes, and succeeded in capturing it alive.

The ministry has sent instructions for the shark to be dissected and mummified for display in the Ras Mohamed natural reserve, with the aim of promoting environmental awareness of marine predators among tourists.

But Ramsis Fracis, a professional diver in Sharm El-Sheikh, said that the shark captured yesterday was not the one that had attacked the swimmers and that another shark, captured today, had characteristics that revealed it was probably the one.

However, he stressed that the issue is catching the shark, but rather investigating the cause of the shark attacks.

Francis explained that the type of shark presumed responsible do not hunt in shallow waters or attack big objects, such as humans. He said that such attacks are unnatural. He explained that they might be the result of excess fish feeding related to tourism, or excess fishing.

Francis underlined the importance of finding the cause of the attacks, rather than the shark responsible.

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