Egyptian laywers committee slams Obama for 'murder' of Bin Laden

Ahram Online , Tuesday 3 May 2011

The Human Rights Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate issues a statement condemning the actions of the US administration that led to the killing of Al Qaeda figurehead Osama bin Laden

The Human Rights Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate headed by Mamdouh Ismail called on all democratic institutions worldwide, especially in the US, to hold to account President Barack Obama for his decision to undertake the operation that killed Osama bin Laden and then throwing his body into the sea.

In a statement released today titled "Cowboy Obama" the committee stated that the "murder" of bin Laden was in fact a failure of the American adminsitration and that giving orders to kill someone on the territory of an Islamic Country is not the action of a civilised country that respects human rights.

Furthermore, the statement said that throwing bin Laden’s body into the sea -- an action considered un-Islamic, disrespectful and in violation of human rights principles -- reflects that the US does not heed relgious sentiments, human rights or people’s reactions.

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