German tourist killed in shark attack

Hossam el-Hamalawy, Sunday 5 Dec 2010

A third shark attack hits Sharm El-Sheikh, one day after the Red Sea resort reopened its beaches

A female German tourist, 70, died in a shark attack this morning, north of Ne'ama Bay, south of Sinai, according to sources in the Red Sea province. The attack took place close to the Hyatt Regency hotel beach.

Earlier in the day, there were rumours of three more attacks, all of which turned out to be untrue, according to Rami Francis, a professional diver in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The Red Sea has witnessed at least two shark attacks last week, leaving four foreign tourists seriously injured.

The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports has issued a statement today "calling [on] all its members in Sharm el Sheikh to stop any snorkeling activities happening from any boats or shore."

Divers and marine biologists contacted by Ahram Online have  expressed frustration at the government's decision to hunt down the "killer sharks," saying such attempts were futile and destructive of the enviornment. "More people die in road accidents from Cairo to Sharm. Do we shut down traffic and kill all drivers," exclaimed Francis. "We need experts to handle the situation, crack down on shark feeding, stop snorkeling in deep water areas. What the government is doing is an unprofessional joke, and we will pay the price."

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