Egyptian lawyers expected to stage one-day strike Saturday to protest police assaults

Ahram Online , Saturday 6 Jun 2015

The lawyers strike comes in the wake of a high-ranking police officer assaulting a lawyer in a police station in Damietta with a shoe

Hisham Abo Youssef
Egypt's head of Lawyer's Syndicate Hisham Abo Youssef (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate announced Saturday it would implement a one-day strike to protest “police assaults" on lawyers, citing an attack by a senior police officer on a lawyer in Damietta governorate.

The head of the Lawyers Syndicate in Damietta, Hisham Abou Youssef, told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the lawyers' general union, headed by Sameh Ashour, would strike since the syndicate has not received an official apology it demanded from the interior ministry.

Last week, Emad Fahmy, a 25-year-veteral atttorney, was assaulted while attending to a case at a police station in the city of Faraskour in Damietta by an officer who used his shoe during the attack.

Fahmy was taken to hospital and received eight stitches.

Lawyers are expected to protest outside courtrooms Saturday.

Ahram Online court reporter said Saturday's court sessions have not started yet as 11am local time, and that no lawyers have showed up until now.

Abou Youssef also told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that it is the right not only of the lawyer involved to receive an official apology, but also the right of all lawyers.

The syndicate filed a report on the incident with the Damietta prosecution, as well as the prosecutor general.

The Damietta attorney general ordered the senior police officer be detained for four days pending investigations ahead of the trial which is set to begin Sunday. 

Fahmy was also briefly detained but later released on bail of LE200 (approximately $26).

Ashour has told various media outlets that "recent police abuses against lawyers and ordinary citizens in stations must be stopped by the ministry of interior.

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