Pro-Mubarak hackers take over revolution Facebook page

Ahram Online, Friday 8 Jul 2011

Pro-Mubarak Internet hackers overtook a Facebook page honouring the 25 January revolution

The page “January 25, the day of a revolution against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployed,” was hacked by a group who call themselves the Sons of Mubarak.

The group said, “We, the children of Mubarak, are coming. We are the sons of this honourable nation, who love their country and we will carry your pictures, President, on all the Internet pages and all the streets because we are the ones who are loyal.”

The group also wrote, “The anger of the sons of Mubarak has begun; it will be an electronic war.”

The hackers replaced all the photos on the page with images of Mubarak and scrawled support messages to the ousted president on them.

“It is not hard to sacrifice for a nation that you love," the group wrote, addressing Mubarak. “But it is hard to find a nation that is worth sacrificing for.”


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