Egypt Revolution Youth Coalition sets terms for ending sit-ins

Ahram Online, Saturday 9 Jul 2011

Revolutionary youth insist that sit-ins in Cairo's Tahrir and in several other Egyptian cities will continue until four basic demands are met

The Revolution Youth Coalition, in coordination with several political parties and movements, has decided that sit-ins in Tahrir and elsewhere around the country are to continue until four basic demands are met. These are: 1) Swift public trials for those responsible for the killing of protesters during the revolution; 2) Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to be granted the full prerogatives of his office and real powers by which to govern the country; 3) the sacking of the interior minister and the appointment of a civilian in his place; 4) Abolishing the referral of civilians to military trials.

A further fifth demand is under discussion, and that is to suspend all police officers implicated in violence against protesters and torture cases pending full investigation and trial.

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