6 April movement sets 6 basic demands for protest action to stop

Ahram Online, Friday 15 Jul 2011

The 6 April Movement has announced a new list of demands including a new "revolutionary" government with no interference from the military council

The 6 April Movement announced its support for Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's efforts towards the creation of a genuine revolutionary government, and put forward 6 basic demands as terms for ending the nation-wide protest action.

These are: the formation of a revolutionary government, without interference from the Supreme Military Council in the appointment of even a single minister.

Other demands including the sacking of the head of the Central Auditing Authority, Gawdat El-Malat, for covering up the corruption of the Mubarak clique. Also to be sacked is Prosecutor General Mahmoud Abdel Meguid, a remanant of the Mubarak regime also accused by revolutionaries of deliberately bungling the prosecution of Mubarak regime figures. State institutions should be purged of all remnants of the deposed regime, foremost among which the judiciary, the media, the health and education sectors. The list also includes the annulment of the law restricting the right to demonstations and strikes; and ending the referral of civilians to military trials, and setting a fair minimum wage, tied to inflation.

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