Egypt's first post-revolution Prime Minister may resign along with Cabinet

Ahram Online, Saturday 10 Sep 2011

The Friday of "Correcting the Path", ending in the break into the Israeli embassy in Cairo may have combined to force Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to resign along with his cabinet

PM Essam Sharaf in Tahrir (file photo)
Egypt's first post-revolution Prime Minister Essam Sharaf addressing protesters in Tahrir following the announcement of his appointment to the premiership on 3 March (file photo)

Egypt's first post-revolution Prime Minister Essam Sharaf is likely to tender the resignation of his Cabinet to the Surpreme Military Council later today Saturday, sources close to the cabinet told Åhram Online.

This is to be discussed during the crises ministerial meeting called on by the Prine Minister the early hours of Saturday.

According to the source, the cabinet is considering resignation due to their failure in handling Friday Sept 9, protests.

Friday night, some protesters managed to break into one of the floors of the building occupied by the Israeli Embassy, seizing hundreds of documents. Earlier protesters had managed to partially destroy a high concrete wall which had been completed a week earlier to protect the embassy against protesters. They also succeeded to bring down, for the second time, the Israeli flag which had been rehoisted on top of the high rise apartment building housing the embassy.

Fierce clashes with the police, which resulted in nearly a thousand injured and two dead, led to the torturing of the Giza police station close to the Israeli Embassy was set on fire. 

Meanwhile, Israel recalled its ambassador and the embassy staff, who departed Egypt in the middle of the night.

Sharaf assumed his post as Egypt's first post-revolution Prime Minister on 3 March. Initially he received a warm welcome from the revolutionaries, but the many failures of his six-month government to lead the transition to democracy demanded by the revolution, or to stand up to the effective rulers of the country, the Military Council, has brought him and his government under increasing criticism, including calls for the cabinet's resignation.

Early Saturday morning, Sharaf  summoned his cabinet crisis team to an emergency meeting.  Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry has put police on high alert, cancelling all police holidays, Egyptian TV channel Nile News said on Saturday.

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