Supreme administrative court to rule on parliamentary candidacy of former NDP members

Zeinab El Gundy, Monday 14 Nov 2011

Court hears appeal against last week's ban preventing elements of the Mubarak regime from running in upcoming elections

A Banner for NDP candidate during 2010 elections
A Banner for NDP candidate during 2010 elections "Photo:Reuters"

The Supreme Administrative Court is expected to issue on Monday a final ruling over the candidacy of former NDP members in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Judge Magdy El-Agaty, the vice chairman of supreme administrative court, will rule whether to overturn or endorse the Mansoura Administrative Court’s ruling last week to ban former NDP candidates from running in the elections. The affected candidates are appealing the court’s banning order. 

Judge El-Agaty, vice chairman of the State Council, suspended the session for a couple of hours after a fight broke out in the courtroom between the lawyers representing the former NDP members and reporters attending the session. 

Last Thursday the Administrative Court issued a banning order preventing former members of Hosni Mubarak’s now dissolved party from running in the upcoming elections. 

No less than 30 former NDP members running in the upcoming parliamentary elections have taken their  appeal against the court’s ruling to the State Council. The Council, for its part, has decided to adjourn the case until the Supreme Administrative Court issues its final verdict on the matter. 

A group of former NDP members held a protest outside the court in Mansoura on Sunday against the administrative court’s ruling to ban them from parliamentary elections. They accused the judge who issued the ruling of being affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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