Three killed during failed attempt to clear Tahrir Square

Zeinab El Gundy, Monday 19 Dec 2011

Two protesters shot dead by security forces during attack on Tahrir Square, one dies in detention

Tahrir Square
Egyptian protesters evacuate an injured fellow protester during clashes with army soldiers near Tahrir Square in Cairo, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011. Egypt's military sought to isolate pro-democracy activists protesting against (Photo: AP)

Military police and Central Security Forces (CSF) killed three protestors in a failed attempt to clear protesters from Tahrir Square on Sunday night.

Protesters accused security forces of using sewage water mixed with kerosene gas during the attack.

Two protesters were shot dead by security forces. It is unclear precisely who fired the fatal bullets but video taken from the scene shows both military police and CSF officers shooting into the crowd.

A third protester arrested during last night’s attack died in detention. He was due to be transferred to the prosecutor’s office for interrogation. Human rights activists and lawyers have accused the military of torturing the dead man during his detention.

The field hospital at Omar Makram mosque received nine injured protesters as a result of the attack.

Protesters announced they had captured an injured soldier who was treated at the field hospital and later transferred to hospital in an ambulance. Protesters shared photos and video clips showing the injured solider and how he was treated after security forces denied any of its personnel had been captured.

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