Muslim Brotherhood member files lawsuit against 3 Revolutionary Socialists

Ahram Online, Saturday 24 Dec 2011

Gamal Tag El-Din accuses the Revolutionary Socialists of inciting to topple the state, filing a lawsuit to press his claims

According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s IkhwanOnline website, Brotherhood member and secretary general of the Lawyer’s Syndicate's Freedoms Committee, Gamal Tag El-Din, has filed a lawsuit against Revolutionary Socialist members Yasser Abd El-Qawy, Sameh Naguib and Hesham Yousri.

According to the website, Tag El-Din is accusing the three Revolutionary Socialists members of inciting people to topple the state and occupy state buildings, burn down state buildings and intentionally create chaos. Tag El-Din submitted 26 photos and videos as evidence.  

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party also published on its newspaper’s front page an article stating the same charges.

The Revolutionary Socialists have recently been facing accusations by journalists and talk show hosts that the group was actively promoting anarchy and instability.

The campaign against the group, which includes labour and student activists, was initiated by Mohamed Nour, spokesman for the Salafist Al-Nour Party, who recently stated on television that “anarchy” was the movement’s overriding objective. He also accused the group of receiving funds from US intelligence agencies.

On Wednesday, independent daily El-Youm El-Sabea posted a video online of a recent speech by Revolutionary Socialists member Sameh Naguib in which he blasted the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) for defending the former regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak. The paper went on to assert that the 44-year-old university professor’s comments constituted proof that the Revolutionary Socialists were, in fact, working to foment a military coup.

Naguib responded to these charges by telling reporters that the media and SCAF together aimed to “discredit revolutionaries” through fear-mongering campaigns and talk of hidden anarchist agendas. 

Meanwhile, tens of people have posted statements of solidarity with the Revolutionary Socialists on Twitter and Facebook. Following the news of the lawsuit, activists posted regarding the Revolutionary Socialists' defence of the Muslim Brotherhood before the ouster of Mubarak. The Brotherhood responded by posting on its Twitter account (@Ikhwanweb) confirmation by Tag El-Din that he filed the lawsuit as an individual and the Brotherhood are in no way responsible.

The leftist group is known amongst political circles for defending cooperation with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood against state oppression under Mubarak when the Brotherhood was still a banned organisation.

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