Revolution Youth Coalition: Lawsuit against Revolutionary Socialists recalls Sadat’s 'repression era'

Hatem Maher, Sunday 25 Dec 2011

The Revolution Youth Coalition has heavily criticised the Muslim Brotherhood after one of its members sued three socialists for 'inciting people to topple the state'

Anwar El-Sadat
Late Egyptian president Anwar El-Sadat

The filing of a lawsuit against three Revolutionary Socialists members evokes “the repression” of Anwar El-Sadat’s era, the Revolution Youth Coalition said Sunday.

A Muslim Brotherhood member, Gamal Tag El-Din, on Saturday accused three Revolutionary Socialists of “inciting people to topple the state and occupy state buildings, burn down state buildings and intentionally create chaos.”

The Brotherhood later issued a statement distancing themselves from the matter, saying that El-Din had filed the lawsuit as an individual.

“It reminds us of (late president) Anwar El-Sadat when he gave Islamists the green light to get rid of socialists before repressing the Islamists themselves. History repeats itself,” the Revolution Youth Coalition, which played a key role in toppling Hosni Mubarak in February, said in a statement.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is turning a blind eye towards the violations committed by the military council, it turned its attention to the words of three men instead. Even if those men are mistaken, what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing is simply offering their complete obedience to the military.”

The campaign against the Revolutionary Socialists, which includes labour and student activists, was initiated by Mohamed Nour, spokesman for the Salafist Nour Party, who recently stated on television that “anarchy” was the movement’s overriding objective. He also accused the group of receiving funds from US intelligence agencies.

“We appreciate the role of the socialists in the revolution. The charge that they attempt to burn down state buildings is completely forged,” the Revolution Youth Coalition added.

“The Revolutionary Socialists usually rely on peaceful demonstrations and strikes in their protests.”

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