Health ministry ambulances accused of handing over injured to security forces

Ahram Online, Tuesday 13 Mar 2012

Parliament's health committee will investigate the involvement of Ministry of Health ambulances and staff in the deaths of protesters in the January Revolution

The Egyptian parliamentary health committee has submitted an official complaint to the Attorney General, alleging that the ministry's emergency medical response department and staff were used as informants during the time of the January revolution. The committee described this as a "betrayal of the people and the nation, and contrary to the charter of ethics" and submitted a full portfolio of documents supporting their claim.

Those documents will be included in the ongoing trial of former president Mubarak, former minister of interior Habib El-Adly, and the six other generals who are accused of the murder of demonstrators during protests in January and February. The verdicts have been postponed to 2 June.

New defendants have been added to the case, including former minister of health Hatem El-Gabaly, and both the former and current heads of the emergency medical response department.

Sultan denied the charges on Tuesday during the committee's session. He claimed that accusations that a secret document in his own handwriting revealed that he had given orders for ambulance staff to hand protestors over to the state security services and had put the emergency response department under the authority of the security services were false internet rumours.

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