ElBaradei salutes April 6th Movement on their fourth birthday

Sarah Mourad , Friday 6 Apr 2012

Mohamed ElBaradei saluted The April 6th Youth Movement on Friday on their fourth anniversay describing them as a vanguard of the January 25 revolution

Mohamed El Bardei
Mohamed El Bardei, one of the main revolutionary figures in Egypt (Photo: Reuters)

Former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a one-time Egypt presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei saluted The April 6th Youth Movement on their fourth anniversary.

The April 6th movement was born four years ago out of the famous general strike by textile workers in the industrial city of Mahalla on 6 April 2008.

El Baradei greeted The April 6th Youth Movement through his facebook page, describing them as an important part of the political life of Egypt.

"Greetings to April 6th movement, for what they have done for social justice in the country. You, along with Egyptian youth, have been the vanguard for Jan 25 revolution," ElBaradei said.

The 6 of April movement played an important role in mobilising protests for democracy against the regime of ousted president Mubarak in the years after the strike in Mahalla.

However, the movement has come under attack by many who opposed to the overthrow of the former regime.

ElBaradei has withdrawn from the presidential race last winter, objecting to the process of electing a president before drafting a constitution which outlines the authorities the elected candidate would have.

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