Carter Center: Unelected military body should not meddle in drafting constitution

Zeinab El Gundy , Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

Carter Center slams ruling military council for issuing constitutional addendum as well as electoral commission restrictions on international observers

The Carter Center held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss the presidential elections runoffs that it observered last Saturday and Sunday. Representatives from the Center also commented on the latest political developements in the country. 

With regard to the constitutional addendum issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on Sunday, the most troubling aspect, representatives said, is that it means there will not be a full transfer of power by the SCAF, an unelected military body.
Jason Carter, one of the representatives of the Center and grandson of Jimmy Carter, the founder of the Center and former US president said that an unelected military body should not be interfering in the process of drafting a constitution. 
The representatives of the Carter Center also slammed the restrictions enforced by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Committee (SPEC) on international observers during the presidential elections runoffs, adding that some of the monitors faced intimidation. 
"In a number of isolated incidents, more observers than in the first round faced intimidation from security forces," the representatives said. 
"We will not continue to observe elecitons with these restrictions," Jason Carter said. 
Regarding electoral violations, the representatives stated that there were no systematic irregularities that swayed the vote one way or another. 
Among the other violations recorded by the Center was that the voter lists were withheld from the candidates despite the fact that they would have been released publicly. 
Representatives also added that they could not comment on the results of the elections because they have not been informed of the final results. 
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