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Shafiq's presidential campaign, supporters devastated by loss

Whilst many thousands across the nation jubilantly celebrate Morsi's win of Egypt's presidency, Shafiq's presidential campaign and supporters rue the ex-minister of aviation's loss

Sarah El-Rashidi, Monday 25 Jun 2012
Shafiq at a recent campaign event (Photo: AP)

The announcement of the Supreme Presidential Elections Commission (SPEC) declaring Mohamed Morsi the president-elect of Egypt left Ahmed Shafiq's campaign team and supporters in shock, anger and despair. Some lamented the loss of their candidate, while others slammed the Muslim Brotherhood leader who is set to assume power.

"We were sure he [Shafiq] was going to win!" wailed an agonized member of his campaign, whilst other women shrieked and fainted at a press conference held by the campaign in the outskirts of Cairo.

Many of Shafiq's campaign were too distraught by the news to talk to the media, while those who did preferred to remain anonymous due to fears of possible unpleasant repercussions under the Islamist president-elect.

"I will leave the country; I do not want to stay with Morsi as president. He does not represent me!" Asserted a young female, referring to her outwardly liberal, unveiled appearance.

A campaign coordinator despondently stated: "I will no longer be proud to be Egyptian under a country led by the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi. I want to leave Egypt as soon as possible."

The young man added: "The Egyptian people did not want Morsi; no one is convinced with him, that is why he won by a narrow margin as only 52 per cent of eligible constituents voted [in the presidential runoffs]."

The total number of registered voters in Egypt stands at 50,958,794. Voter turnout in the presidential runoff was 26,420,763 (nearly 52 per cent). Morsi secured 52 per cent of the vote to win the presidential race.

"Even the Muslim Brotherhood was not convinced with Morsi, and thus he was their second choice after Khairat El-Shater was disqualified," stated a Shafiq supporter.

Morsi, who resigned as head of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) shortly after the result announcement, launched his presidential campaign after Brotherhood second-in-command El-Shater was disqualified from the race by Egypt's electoral commission in April.

El-Shater was disqualified due to a prior criminal conviction under the Mubarak regime.

Shafiq was scheduled to hold a press conference at 9pm on Sunday to address the public after his loss, but the conference was cancelled.

Shafiq, the last prime minister to serve under deposed president Hosni Mubarak, is expected to make a public appearance on Monday.

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