NDP's first reaction to day Egypt stood up

Ahram Online, Wednesday 26 Jan 2011

After the demonstrations across Egypt on Tuesday, the National Democratic party (NDP) has issued an official statement

The party follows with interest the events of Tuesday 25 January 25, 2011, and confirms its respect for the right of citizens to express their views and demands, as a constitutional and legal right, and is considered part of the process of democratic development that the party believes. The majority of the party can accommodate the demands of young people and understands them, and adopt policies to work on finding solutions to them, and the party will continue in its commitment to do so.

But the party refuses to resort to violence and vandalism and breach the security of society, and rejects calls for incitement and provocation by the legally banned Muslim Brotherhood, and a number of parties that do not have a popular presence or public weight and aims to exploit young people to achieve the agendas of the chaos which was rejected by the people.

The party was keen not to invite its members and youth to take to the street. And it calls on them to show accommodation and accept the differing views of others, as long as it takes place in a legitimate and legal framework.

And the party, with its new thinking, is keen on continuing communication and dialogue with all the youth of Egypt, with their diversity of ideas and attitudes, so as to achieve a better future for them and for the nation.

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