Anti-Brotherhood protest might avoid presidential palace

Ahram Online, Friday 24 Aug 2012

Protest organiser says they may drop plans to protest outside presidential palace due to road blocks, Tahrir Square likely alternative venue

Anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters have changed their plans to gather outside the presidential palace on Friday due to road blocks set up by the security forces, according to Adel Hussein, coordinator of the Coalition of August 24 Parties and Movements, which organised the protest.

Roads leading to the presidential palace and near the ministry of defence will be blocked and alternative sites for the protest include Tahrir Square, Hussein said.

Controversial anti-revolution television presenter Tawfiq Okasha and former MP Mohamed Abu-Hamed, called for mass protests to "end Muslim Brotherhood rule" on Friday 24 August.

The call was at first dismissed as an attempt by former regime loyalist, Okasha, to make a comeback into the public sphere. However, the call was soon picked up by groups fearful of Muslim Brotherhood dominance in the country after President Mohamed Morsi, a long time member of the group, retired Egypt’s military rulers earlier this month.

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