Pentagon deploys warships near Egyptian coast

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 8 Feb 2011

Media reports force Pentagon officials to maintain that naval activity is only a precaution

The Los Angeles Times has reported that the American ministry of defence stationed a navy fleet of some 700 – 800 reconnaissance marines off the coast of Egypt.

In accordance with several other reports confirming the order, Pentagon officials have maintained that military intervention in Egypt is highly unlikely adding that the naval activity is only a precaution in case of emergency such as evacuating US citizens and other "humanitarian" operations.

US President Barak Obama, as commander and chief of the armed forces, primarily asks where US fleets are stationed in relation to any regional tensions, said military expert Brigadier General Safwat El Zayyat.

Zayyat explained that there are three areas where US reconnaissance units are centred with 15 near the Indian coast.

He noted that the marine's aircraft carriers' main task is that of a logistic nature rather than a military one, unless the need arises. They typically carry 1000 to 4000 marines, several helicopters and at least two F-18s.

Military action is quite rare as their main task is to evacuate Americans from trouble spots, as in the case of the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon.  

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