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Nile University students block entrance to Zewail research centre

Nile University students block entrance to Zewail City of Science and Technology in continuation of their ongoing campaign to regain their campus

Randa Ali , Sunday 16 Sep 2012
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Views: 2035

Nile University (NU) students on Sunday blocked the entrance to the Zewail City of Science and Technology (ZCST) as part of their ongoing protest against the decision to ban them from the ZCST campus.

Ahmed Zewail, the prominent Egyptian chemist and Nobel laureate, banned NU students from using any of the buildings on campus after the government granted his ZCST all NU land in the wake of the 25 January uprising.

"We did this to express our discontent with the decision of the former government to give NU's land to ZCST," Mustafa Shamaa, an NU engineering student, told Ahram Online.

Police urged students to open the gate but the student protesters refused.

"Professor Yehia Ismail of ZCST tried to enter the facility, started shouting when we stopped him, then departed," Shamaa said.

The professor later returned, accused the students of beating him and went to the police station to file a report.

A student, in turn, alleged the professor had struck him.

"A colleague came to me with a bruised face and told me Professor Ismail had hit him. He is currently at the hospital," Shamaa said.

"President Morsi's advisor told us that Zewail would use the campus for one year, while we would use the Mubarak City for Science and Technology," Shamaa said.

NU students have been conducting a sit-in to protest being banned from their campus since 28 August.

ZCST is located in Sixth October City on the outskirts of Cairo.

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