Video: Syrian TV launches vicious attack on ِEgypt's Morsi

Ahram Online, Monday 1 Oct 2012

Claims by a president Morsi aide that Egypt is mulling an Arab intervention in Syria cause Assad regime TV to fire back

A Syrian TV anchor slammed Egypt's president on Sunday, following claims by a presidential aide that there was the possibility of an Egyptian military intervention in Syria.

"Why don’t you send the army to break the siege on Gaza - they're brothers as well," asked the news anchor on a Syrian satellite channel, who accused President Mohamed Morsi of receiving a $2 billion deposit from the Qatari Emir "to facilitate the occupation of Jordan for the sake of Israel."

"What about cancelling Camp David? We know that such a decision needs a will like that of the hero Gamal Abdel-Nasser, not those who tried to kill him," the anchor went on.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been accused by some of attempts to assassinate late president Gamal Abdel-Nasser.

Earlier on Sunday, Seif Abdel-Fattah, an aide to Morsi, reportedly told the Turkish Anadoul news agency that Egypt was considering a Qatari proposal for Arab military intervention in Syria, aimed at ending the 18-month-long conflict there.

However, later on Sunday presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali vehemently denied the claims, insisting that Arab intervention in Syria remained "out of the question."

He added that Egypt’s rejection of military involvement in Syria remained unchanged, stressing that statements made by anyone other than the president or his official spokesman did not reflect Egypt's official policy.

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