Egypt students to protest against ‘Brotherhood’ university charter

Ahram Online, Tuesday 13 Nov 2012

University students to protest at Cairo University on Tuesday evening against new university charter which they claim was imposed without proper consultation

Political students' movements have called for a protest at Cairo University on Tuesday evening against the new ‘Brotherhood’ university charter, the IMF loan, the proposed draft constitution and the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The three political students' movements are the Free Front for Peaceful Change, Tahrir Movement and the Justice and Freedom Youth.

In late October, student movements and political groups signed a statement condemning the newly passed student charter which they said was unrepresentative and would hinder student organisation.

The new charter, which has legal force over Egyptian universities, is a comprehensive set of regulations related to university activities and student organisations. 

The students said that the new charter was passed without their input and without the agreement of the student body at large. They said the actions of the government mimic those of the former regime where bylaws were written and passed behind closed doors. 

The signatories of the statement include several student unions – including those of Cairo University, Helwan University and the American University in Cairo – as well as partisan student movements such as the Constitution Party Students, the Egyptian Popular Current Students, the Socialist Popular Alliance Students, the April 6 Democratic Front Students and others. 


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