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Israel: a history of assassinations

Ahmed al-Jaabary is only one name in a long list of Palestinian leaders liquidated by Israel in the decades since its founding in 1948; Ahram Online profiles 5 other key leaders killed by Tel Aviv

Mohamed Nada, Hatem Maher, Mostafa Ali, Wednesday 14 Nov 2012
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Views: 4852

The list of Palestinian leaders assassinated by Israel over the years covers tens of Palestinian leaders and activists from all political backgrounds and on many different continents.


Ghassan Kanafani (April 9, 1936 – July 8, 1972)

Ghassan Kanafani
Ghassan Kanafani

Kanafani was a prominent Palestinian writer and a leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He was killed in a car bomb in Beirut on July 8, 1972 at the age of 36 years. Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was widely believed to have carried out the assassination.


Abu Jihad (October 10, 1935 – April 16, 1988)

Abou Gehad
Khalil Al-WAzir

Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazir, known as Abu Jihad, a founding member of the Fatah movement in the 1950s, was a senior Palestinian leader and a close aide to late president Yasser Arafat. He was assassinated  in Tunis on April 16, 1988 at the age of 52  by an Israeli commando team.

Abu Ali Mustafa (1938 – August 27, 2001)

Abu Ali Moustafa
Abu Ali Mustafa

Mustafa was the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) from July 2000. He was killed by a missile attack on his office in the West Bank city of Ramallah in August 2001.


Ahmed Yassin (1 January, 1937 – 22 March, 2004)

Yassin was the co-founder of Islamist organization Hamas and its spiritual leader. He survived an Israeli attempt to kill him in September 2003 but was assassinated on 22 March 2004 after being hit with a missile strike while being wheeled out of an early morning prayer in Gaza.

Abdel Aziz Ali Abdulmajid al-Rantissi (23 October, 1947 – 17 April, 2004)

Rantissi was the co-founder of the Palestinian Islamist organisation Hamas with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He became its leader following Yassin’s assassination in March 2004 but was killed just one month later at the age of 57 after his car was targeted by missiles fired from an Apache helicopter.

Abdel Aziz Elrantissi and Shick Ahmed Yassen
Abdel Aziz Elrantissi and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

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