President Morsi sets referendum on draft constitution December 15, 2012

Ahram Online, Sunday 2 Dec 2012

Ahram Online presents the highlights of President Mohamed Morsi's speech calling for a referendum on the draft constitution

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi addresses the nation calling for the referendum (Photo: Snapshot from state TV)

President Mohamed Morsi hailed in a speech on Saturday evening the draft constitution, which the members of the Constituent Assembly presented to him at a meeting in the Conference Hall in Cairo.

The president called for a national referendum on the draft on 15 December, 2012.

“I salute all our Egyptian people, men, women, youth, Muslims and Christians. I salute you warmly on this historic day," the president said.

"We hope to ascend into a new era of Egypt’s history, to a bright future for our beloved people."

"This is a breakthrough, the first truly representative constitution that protects the rights, freedoms and human dignity of all Egyptians. It was born out of the 25 January revolution; the last one came 175 years ago, from Mohamed Ali Pasha."

"While we stand here, we cannot forget the sacrifices of the martyrs of the revolution, and all those who were injured and their families."

"All Egyptians are adamant to see this process move forward, in order to see the objectives of the blessed revolution realised."

"I say to those national figures who chose to withdraw from the final sessions of the Constituent Assembly: You did a great job in formulating great articles, your efforts are appreciated and will not be forgotten. History will remember your patriotic role in writing this constitution."

"I thank the members of this assembly, headed by El-Gheriany, who have worked tirelessly over the past six months to draft this constitution, which has been aired live to all Egyptians."

"All Egyptians will vote on the constitution; I hope it will be a new day for a stable and independent Egypt."

"I call on all Egyptians to vote on this draft constitution."

"The world looks at us and our experience with great enthusiasm; they are eager to see how Egypt will build itself."

"This referendum will be a new step in Egypt's democratic process."

"I commend Egypt's judges who we highly respected, particularly for their role in overseeing the elections under the former regime and deeming them fraudulent. This great body will continue to ensure the protection of Egyptians' rights and freedoms." 

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