Anti-Gaddafi protests at Libyan embassy in Cairo

Ati Metwaly, Monday 21 Feb 2011

Egyptians demonstrate solidarity with Libyans as they rise up against Gaddafi, who responds with brutality

anti-Gaddafi demonstrations in front of Libyan Embassy in Cairo

Around 300 demonstrated in front of the Libyan embassy in Cairo Sunday in support of pro-democratic protests sweeping Libyan cities. Hundreds of protesters in Libya have been murdered as security forces attempt to quell the nationwide uprising and preserve Muammar Gaddafi’s 42 year rule.  

In Cairo, Libyans and Egyptians demonstrated holding banners and chanting anti-Gaddafi slogans: “People demand removal of Gaddafi”, “Gaddafi is the murderer,” “Libyans blood will not be wasted”.

Libyan and Egyptian solidarity was expressed as: “Egypt and Libya is one.”

Moreover, the protesters addressed their support to all Libyans fighting in Libya chanting “Do not give up! You’re almost there. Freedom is almost there! We are with you.”

Demonstrators also called for the media to shed more light on events in Libya and that the United Nations and international community take a stand against the government’s violence.

By 5.30pm an additional crowd walked down the street joining the existing demonstrators, swelling the numbers to around 500.

One Libyan protester told Ahram Online that one of his cousins in the eastern city of Benghazi is missing. “I call my family a few times a day. It’s a massacre in Benghazi yet people remain on the streets. They will not give up,” he said. “The media has to show what is happening and the world needs to watch and react. We will not give up until Gaddafi is removed.”

Protesters told Ahram Online that the demonstrations will continue tomorrow, 21 February.

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