Egyptians rally in solidarity with Arab revolutions

Salma Shukrallah, Monday 21 Feb 2011

Hundreds of protesters demonstrate in front of the Algerian, Bahraini and Libyan embassies in Cairo on Monday, in support of the mounting revolts sweeping the Arab world

Two demonstrations took place on Monday in support of the revolts erupting in the Arab region. Dozens gathered in front of the Algerian and Bahraini embassies as hundreds gathered in front of the Libyan embassy, chanting slogans against dictatorial regimes.

At the Algerian and Bahraini embassies, located opposite one another in the affluent neighborhood of Zamalek, demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the regimes of both countries and demanding freedom. A young man in his twenties chanted slogans while beating a drum as the remaining protestors repeated the slogans and marched back and forth between the two embassies.

A banner held by one of the protestors read: “Mission: Free Arab Countries - Time: Now”. The crowd also chanted in support of the Yemeni and Libyan uprisings. 

Later in the afternoon, the protestors marched through Zamalek heading towards the Libyan embassy in the middle class neighborhood of Dokki, where the other protest was being held. As they approached, the crowd gathered in front of the Libyan embassy welcomed them with applause and whistles could also be heard.

In front of the Libyan embassy, hundreds were gathered carrying pictures of Libya’s leader Muammar Al Gadhafi with the word "murderer" written on them, while others held up banners reading: "Free Libya".

The crowd was made up of mostly Egyptians and Libyans, in addition to a few other Arab nationals. “The people want Arab nations united against military regimes,” the crowd chanted.

Zamalek, where the Algerian and Bahraini embassies are located, suffered traffic congestions as a result of on-going protests that have been on the increase in Cairo over the past few days.

Demonstrators’ chants and slogans carried the message that the revolution that started in Tunisia and travelled to Egypt will eventually reach all Arab countries to wash away Arab dictatorships that have been ruling for decades.

The largest protest on Monday was the one held in front of the Libyan embassy condemning the over 300 killed in less than 5 days by Gadhafi’s regime.

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