March against Egypt judicial reform law postponed

Ahram Online, Monday 29 Apr 2013

Opposition groups cancel Monday's scheduled march to Shura Council after President Morsi offers hope of compromise on judicial authority law

Shura Council
Egyptian Shura Council (Photo: AP)

A march scheduled for Monday against the draft judicial authority law has been postponed.

Opposition groups decided to cancel the march, planned to finish at the Shura Council, after President Mohamed Morsi met senior judges on Sunday in a bid to defuse a dispute over the draft law.

The legislation, which would lower the retirement age of judges from 70 to 60, has been strongly censured by judicial figures and critics on the grounds that it will make up to 3,000 judges redundant.

Morsi's Islamist allies see the proposed law, put forward by the moderate Islamist Wasat Party, as an opportunity to jettison Mubarak-era judges.

While some hailed Morsi's attempt to reach a compromise with judges, others claimed the president does not have a mandate to withdraw the draft bill which has been brought before the Shura Council.

Late on Sunday, the presidential office said Morsi would personally oversee any proposed amendments to the controversial law.

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