Revolutionary alliance plans 'what if' scenario for Morsi 'ouster'

Ahram Online, Tuesday 4 Jun 2013

Ahead of what are expected to be massive protests to oust President Morsi on the year anniversary of his term, 30 June, Revolutionary Forces Alliance lays out their power transition proposal

Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi (Photo: Reuters)

The Revolutionary Forces Alliance proposes on Tuesday a transitional presidential council and a national salvation government to replace President Morsi on 30 June, his one-year anniversary in office amid calls for his ouster.

In their statement, the Alliance says that a transition of power would be guaranteed by a six-month interim presidential council composed of five officials: the head of the Constitutional Court; defence minister or a representative; a representative for the Islamist parties and two officials representing the non-Islamist parties.

The council would commission a large committee of legal experts to draft a new, inclusive constitution that would meet all Egyptians' expectations. The committee would also set up early presidential elections under the supervision of the United Nations.

The national salvation government would have all presidential powers with regards to the economy, establishing and running an efficient government, which they specify would neither be technocrats nor be chosen based on party affiliation.

The Alliance also places importance on particular demands as criteria for nominations from the transitional government for the presidential race, such as agreeing to release political prisoners, re-try all civilians who were tried in military courts and immediate dissolution of the Shura Council.

Egypt's High Constitutional Court ruled unconstitutional a law that governed elections for the Shura Council, the upper house of parliament.

Sunday's ruling made it clear that the council, however, would not be dissolved until a new House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament, convenes.

On the controversial constitution written by a Constituent Assembly heavily dominated by Islamists, the initiative proposed that constitutional amendments be revised, amended or legalised via a dialogue that includes all state institutions, political forces and parties. 

Furthermore, the Alliance proposes a committee of legal experts revise all laws issued since Mubarak was ousted on 11 February 2011 until today.

In their statement, the Alliance credits the initiative to inspiration from the Rebel Campaign, which seeks to collect 15 million signatures to withdraw confidence from Morsi, outnumbering the 13.2 million votes Morsi won in the final round of Egypt's first-ever free presidential polls last year, where he narrowly beat Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

Massive nationwide protests are expected to take place on 30 June to oust Brotherhood rule. 

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