Alexandria's Rebel Campaign to continue on Friday despite clashes

Ahram Online , Thursday 13 Jun 2013

Anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaigners intend to collect signatures Friday in same area of Alexandria despite clashes occurred with Muslim Brotherhood members

An Egyptian activist distributes petitions for "Tamarod", Arabic for "rebel", a campaign calling for the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and for early presidential elections during a protest in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, May 24, 2013 (Photo: AP)

Spokesman for the anti-Morsi Rebel Campaign in Alexandria Khaled El-Kady asserted on Thursday that the movement's activists will campaign in the same location as Wednesday's clashes with Muslim Brotherhood members.

Wednesday's violence began in the coastal city's Raml district where Rebel campaigners were collecting signatures for the anti-Morsi petition.

Both Rebel activists and Brotherhood members threw rocks, which led to 17 people injured, including residents of the area, according to spokesmen from both sides.

Khaled El-Kady said the Brotherhood's "attack" on campaign organisers will not deter them from their goal, insisting that Rebel supporters will continue their campaign in full force, reported Al-Ahram Arabic-language news website.

Both sides exchanged blame regarding which group initiated the attack.

Brotherhood spokesperson Anas El-Kady said its members were assaulted by Rebel campaigners. He claimed it was an early "start to violence," in reference to opposition protests planned for 30 June; the anniversary of the president's inauguration.

Rebel leaders have stressed that 30 June protests – a mass demonstration to be held at the presidential palace – will be peaceful and have called on the Ministry of Interior to protect demonstrators.

Rebel leading member Khaled El-Kady claimed the clashes on Wednesday began when its members were attacked by Islamists using bludgeons and bladed weapons.

Brotherhood members smashed projector screens where the film 'Liars Under the Name of Religion' was to be screened, Khaled El-Kady told Al-Ahram Arabic-language news website.

Khaled El-Kady said the anti-Brotherhood documentary will be screened on Friday in Raml district in downtown Alexandria. He also called on activists and residents to support the campaign and attend early on Friday.

"The Brotherhood has been patient with such groups of thugs, abiding by its peaceful principles and refusing to be dragged into violence by the so-called civil, democratic groups," Anas El-Kady said.

Anas El-Kady claimed Rebel had been engaged in violence before under the name of Black Bloc, an anti-government youth group.

Rebel aims to collect 15 million signatures in support of a vote of no confidence in President Mohamed Morsi, to outnumber the 13.2 votes he won in last year's presidential election. It had collected more than seven million signatures by late May.

Members of Rebel have been subject to intimidation, physical assaults, brief arrests and abductions since the group's inception. Last Friday, unknown assailants set fire to its headquarters in downtown Cairo.

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