Safwat El Sherif: "We respect the will of the citizens"

Al Ahram Arabic portal, Sunday 28 Nov 2010

NDP Secretary General Safwat El Sherif says the people's parliamentary election votes will be respected

Safwat El Sherif, Secretary General of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and Chairman of the Shura Council told Al Ahram's Arabic portal that President Mubarak, the NDP leader, ordered strict adherence to all mandates issued by the Supreme Commission for Elections. NDP members were asked to act as "role models" to instill faith in the electoral process.

El Sherif added that NDP members are working hard to earn the confidence and respect of Egyptians, which is obvious as party members are respecting the law in an effort to create a balanced political dialogue with others.

"We will accept the election results no matter what,"  stated El Sherif said.

Although NDP supporters began voting early in the morning, the results can not be predicted yet, said El Sherif. However, El Sherif added, the NDP will continue to follow the process from electoral operating rooms and issue instructions to various party cadres.

Furthermore, El Sherif admited that although there was strong competition among the independent candidates, especially in certain contentious districts, NDP candidates are expected to succeed in numerous constituencies, especially in the first round of elections.

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