Mubarak regime strongman Ibrahim Kamel sent to prison

Sunday 10 Apr 2011

Business tycoon and Mubarak crony Ibrahim Kamel arrested for counter-revolutionary attempts, including incitement and thuggery

Ibrahim Kamel
NDP strongman and business tycoon Ibrahim Kamel

Business tycoon and ex-ruling party strongman, Ibrahim Kamel has been arrested by the military, whereby a swiftly convened military court ordered him remanded in custody for 15 days, pending investigation. Kamel was taken to Tora prison, where a host of other Mubarak regime top officials are being held.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had ordered ‎Kamel's arrest yesterday. He is accused of being involved in ‎instigating violent clashes between demonstrators and army forces early Saturday morning. ‎
Hundreds of Egyptians defied soldiers who tried to disperse them overnight from Tahrir ‎Square and vowed Saturday to keep protesting until ex-President Hosni Mubarak is tried ‎and other demands met.‎

The ruling military council also announced that Kamel’s followers, Wael Aboul-Leil, Tarek Soliman and Khaled Mohamed Ismail are wanted. According to the statement, all three men were in Tahrir Square during curfew in the early ‎hours of Saturday, having bullied and terrorised civilians.   ‎

The military council underlined that their forces will work resolutely to prevent NDP remnants from threatening national security.

Ibrahim Kamel's name was implicated in the so-called "battle of the camel", on 28 January, in which waves of NDP related thugs were hurled at the pro-democracy protesters in Tahrir square, using molotov cocktail bombs, live ammunition and rocks. It also included the famous attack by camel and horse-back hooligans wielding swords and cudgles. ‎

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