Where are the Mubaraks?

Ahram Online , Tuesday 12 Apr 2011

The latest in the Mubarak whereabouts saga says the Mubarak sons are being flown out to South Sinia where they will join their father at the Tor prosecutor's office for questioning


Sources have informed Ahram Online that Hosni Mubarak is currenty in the South Sinia capital Tor where he was questioned in "a pleasant ambience which took place in a salon" with regards corruption accusations. Other reports recieved by the Ahram Gate claim that the ousted president was admitted to the Sharm El Sheik hospital an hour ago in an attempt to evade questioning. And yet other reports in the local press say his questioning took place in the hospital. This was denied by Ahram Online sources who said that perhaps security cars were parked at the hospital adjacent to the prosecutors office.

On a parallel track, Mubarak's sons Gamal and Alaa are being flown out from Cairo to Tor where they will be questioned on charges of corruption. Sources have also informed Ahram Online that the family will be represented by Farid El Deeb who has just arrived in Tor.

Gamal and Alaa were to be questining at the prosecutor's office in the Cairo suberb of the Fifth Settelment. But sources told Ahram Online that this plan had to be aborted for security reasons.

It was reported earlier that the Mubarak brothers were arrested from their home in Heliopolis. However, sources have clarified that this was a misinterpretation of the extra special forces motorcade that came to pick the brothers up to escort them to the prosecutor's office. Ahram Online was also informed that the proceedings in Tor are to be attended by Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud.

However, Ahram has published yet another report which claims that the brothers and their mother Suzzane Mubarak are in a car on their way from South Sinia to Cairo!

Stay tuned to Ahram Online for regular updates of the Mubarak's true and alleged whereabouts.

Dina Ezzat, Ahram Gate


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