Timeline: Gamal Mubarak

Gamal Essam El-Din , Thursday 14 Apr 2011

Gamal Mubarak

December 1963: Gamal Mubarak is born.

October 1981: Gamal Mubarak begins his studies at the American University in Cairo after completing primary, preparatory and secondary school education in San George language schools in Heliopolis, northeast Cairo.

May 1985: Gamal Mubarak graduates from the business administration department at AUC.

1987: Gamal Mubarak works for one year with the Bank of America in Cairo.

1988-1995: Gamal Mubarak spends seven years of working the Bank of America in London.

1995-1998: Gamal Mubarak sets up his own banking investment company under the name “Medinvest.”

August 1998: Gamal Mubarak sets up his Future Generation Foundation (FGF). FGF's board, which included several prominent businessmen, many of whom later become cabinet ministers and top NDP officials, such as Ahmed Ezz, Ibrahim Kamel, Ahmed El-Maghrabi and Rashid Mohamed Rashid.

February 2000: Gamal Mubarak is appointed a member of NDP's secretariat general.

December 2000: Gamal Mubarak is appointed a member of an adhoc committee entrusted with reforming the NDP.

September 2002: Gamal Mubarak becomes the head of NDP's Policies Secretariat during the party's eighth general congress.

July 2004: Gamal got the upper hand by appointing Ahmed Nazif as prime minister and selecting seven businessmen for key positions in Nazif's government.

February 2006: Gamal Mubarak is appointed as one of NDP's assistant secretary-generals in addition to his influential position as chairman of the policies committee. Gamal appoints his business associate, Ahmed Ezz in the key position of NDP's secretary for organisational affairs.

December 2007: Gamal Mubarak plays the principal role in drafting 34 constitutional amendments, which prepared the legal ground for the father-son succession scenario.

May 2008: Gamal Mubarak marries the daughter of a multi-millionaire, thus breaking a social barrier for presidential candidacy.

September 2008: Gamal Mubarak was selected among 45 NDP heavyweight officials eligible as party candidates for presidential elections.

December 2010: Gamal Mubarak leads the NDP's annual conference, criticising opposition and insisting the NDP is Egypt's major political force.

17 January 2011: Gamal Mubarak asks former prime minister Nazif to introduce social reforms under threat of being sacked from his position.

2 February: Gamal Mubarak allegedly plays a key role in organising the battle of the camel against pro-democracy protesters at Tahrir Square.

10 February: Gamal Mubarak writes his father's final speech, which caused a huge stir among protesters and forced the army to ask Hosni Mubarak to step down the next day.

13 April: Gamal Mubarak is put into jail for 15 days, pending investigation into corruption and murder charges.

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