Salafist Front: We will participate in 25 January demonstrations to prevent clashes

Ahram Online, Tuesday 24 Jan 2012

The Salafist Front says they will join the Tahrir demonstrations on the anniversary of Egypt's revolution to prevent clashes between protesters and state security

Salafist Front
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The Salafist Front, an Islamic political group, declared in a statement on Monday that they will participate in Wednesday's 25 January demonstrations celebrating the anniversary of Egypt's revolution.

The January 25 Revolution is a peaceful one, added the statement – and they emphasised that it needs to remain so. The group called the upcoming demonstrations the "third wave of the revolution," and said they will participate in the demonstrations in order to keep the peace.

Their statement stressed the Salafist Front's rejection of any destructive acts, such as setting buildings on fire or clashes with security forces. Furthermore, they said they will stand against anyone attempting to incite clashes.

The Front stated it will coordinate with the other movements and political forces to fulfill the revolution’s demands.

In a protective tone, the statement read that the Salafist Front will refuse any attempt to override the revolution and its political process, which they say has proven to be representative of the nation as a whole.

They fully support the current democratic process, the Salafist Front affirmed.

In a peek into their leanings, they also defended holding presidential elections first and then drafting the constitution.

That pits them squarely against some political groups, including the Salafist Nour Party, who are calling for an immediate handover of power from the ruling military junta (the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) to a civilian government.

They also pressed to dismantle the state security aparatus, now working under the name "National Security," and putting an end to Emergency Law, which grants authorities overarching powers. They demanded, further, that all of Egypt's political prisoners abroad be released, including Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman detained in American prisons and others detained in Saudi prisons.

Another key demand is for the prompt trial of Mubarak and former regime figures.

The Front also called for an end to media propaganda tainting the image of revolutionaries.

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