Sisi, Moussa holding campaign rallies ahead of Egypt's upcoming presidential elections

Ahram Online , Thursday 1 Mar 2018

Pres elec
National Elections Authority announcing two final Presidential candidates (Photo: Ahram )

Several public campaign rallies for Egypt's presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi were organised by support groups in different governorates throughout the past week.

Meanwhile, El-Sisi's contender Moussa Mostafa Moussa, the head of the Ghad Party held a large rally last week at the Ghad Party's headquarters in Downtown Cairo, which was attended by a number of his supporters and leaders of Egypt's Arab Tribes Union, the sole entity that has publicly announced support for Moussa.
The presidential elections are set to take place on 26-28 March.
In Cairo's 6 October City, parliament's Support Egypt majority coalition organised a major public conference endorsing President El-Sisi in cooperation with the city's investors association and the industries union.
During the conference, coalition chairman Mohamed El-Sewedi said that El-Sisi is the only person capable of facing Egypt's current political and economic challenges.
El-Sewedi praised the president's November 2016 decision to float the Egyptian pound, saying that the move has changed Egypt from an import-dependent country into a market for production, industry and investments.
The Support Egypt coalition comprises at least 11 political parties including the Wafd, Free Egyptians, and Future of a Homeland parties, as well as a number of independent figures.
The coalition holds more than 300 of parliament's 596 seats.
The Future of a Homeland Party has intensified its endorsement efforts in favour of El-Sisi, holding 14 rallies attended by thousands of citizens in 16 different governorates in support of his re-election for a second term.
The party holds 50 seats in the Egyptian parliament.
Another public campaign in support of El-Sisi, dubbed "All With You For The Sake of Egypt", held throughout the week dozens of conferences and door knocking campaigns in rural areas and small villages.
Soon after, , Mohamed Abu-Shaka, the spokesperson of Sisi's official electoral campaign " Long Live Egypt" announced in a press conference that four political parties and other four public campaigns have officially joined the " Long Live Egypt" in favor of Sisi's re-election.
The parties that joined the campaign are, the Free Egyptians Party, Defenders of the Homeland, the Conference, and the Republican People's Parties, said Abu-Shaka.
The four public campaigns that joined the official campaign in support of El-Sisi are ' so that we can build it', ' a citizen', ' for the sake of Egypt'. Campaigns.
Abu Shaka affirmed that all the campaigns are now set to act under a unified umbrella of " Long Live Egypt", opening the door for other parties and campaigns who are willing to join.
Meanwhile, Moussa's campaign said that they are set to hold a number of rallies before the electoral silence period on 24-25 March.
Wadie Abu Hagar, the general coordinator of governorates at the Ghad Party and a member of Moussa's Electoral Commission, said that the campaign is set to start organising rallies to support their candidate at two or three times per week at the start of March.
Moussa's Ghad Party currently holds no seats in parliament.
President El-Sisi, whose current term will end in June, won the 2014 presidential elections with nearly 97 percent of the vote against his opponent, leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi.
Voting in the 2018 presidential elections is scheduled for 26-28 March, with runs-offs, if they are to take place, set for 24-26 April.
If no run-offs are necessary, the winner will be announced on 2 April.
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