Prosecution detains son of Egyptian businessman after killing 4 in DUI crash

Amr Kandil , Monday 13 Dec 2021

Egypt’s Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the son of renowned Egyptian businessman Mohamed El-Hawary for four days pending investigation over unintentionally killing four young men in a car crash in Giza.

Egyptian public prosecution
Egypt's Public Prosecution's headquarters in Cairo. FILE

In a statement on Sunday, the prosecution said the crash took place as Karim El-Hawary exceeded the legal maximum speed limit and drove under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Sheikh Zayed City of the northern Giza governorate.

Footage on social media showed a vehicle driving at crazy speed on a high-way in the city on Friday, violently rear-ending another car.

Investigations later revealed that El-Hawary fled the scene after the crash killed all four people inside the rear-ended car after it flipped over. The four victims are all teenage students, according to reports.

El-Hawary was detained over other related misdemeanors, the prosecution said.

Samples taken from El-Hawary tested positive for drugs and ethyl alcohol, the prosecution cited a report by the chemical lab of the Department of Forensic Medicine as saying.

El-Hawary is also accused of possessing drugs for personal use, according to the prosecution.

Unintentional murder is punishable by a fine ranging from EGP 100 to EGP 500 or by up to 10 years in prison according to the Egyptian law.

According to article 238 of the Egyptian penal code, unintentional murder due to negligence and recklessness is punishable by a fine of up to EGP 200 or at least six months in prison.

In case the defendant committed the crime under the influence, he is punished by up to five years in prison or a fine of EGP 500 at most.

In case he caused the death of more than three people, he shall face a one-to-seven-year prison sentence. In case he is under the influence, he shall face a one-to-10-year prison sentence.

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